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Artist's Statement

Art has always been a part of my life. Even as a small child I would spend hours drawing and creating fanciful "objects of art." I enjoy exploring and reinterpreting the forms, colors and composition as the work develops. Often the artwork will take on a direction of its own that is completely different than what I originally conceived. While painting, sculpting, or creating various mixed media objects of art in my studio I let my inner spirit take flight and capture the fantasies that are aroused in me through music, and meditative contemplation of the art materials.


My work has a spiritual quality that relates to my inner feelings as a woman with the roles of daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother feeding my visions and energizing my spirit. I usually work "full pallet" when painting or using colorful materials to create art. 

My Masters Degree is in sculpture, and I still create some mixed media sculpture, however, most of my more recent work has been painted and collage. My two-dimensional work varies from watercolor studies, mixed media collage, as well as large acrylic murals, and paintings. I have also designed, and painted upholstered “Art” chairs. Recently I painted a 5” diameter golf ball for the Fall 2012 Ryder Cup display, which was on Michigan, Avenue in Chicago. Throughout my many years as an artist and educator, I have presented demonstrations and workshops as well as judged art exhibits and art fairs.

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